Builder fined for chopping oaks on historic Coconut Grove land

Residents speculate trees will be replaced by a parking lot
February 27, 2014 04:15PM

From left: Inside a Grove Garden Trilogy restaurant and the Stirrup House in Coconut Grove

The developer of a row of restaurants in Coconut Grove has been fined for chopping down century-old oak trees, likely to make way for a parking lot. 

Aries Development Group, which has leased the historic Stirrup House property the trees were on for 50 years, was charged $1,000 for each of the four oaks it demolished without a permit, Miami New Times reported.

Residents, many of whom blame Aries for extensive development in the neighborhood, suspect the trees were knocked down to provide parking for the patrons of the Grove Garden Trilogy, who normally park on the street.

The property itself was never meant to be sold to anyone besides the family of Ebeneezer Stirrup, the former owner. The lease gives Aries control over the property, however. [Miami New Times] — Angela Hunt