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Palm Beach County court order on foreclosures amended

Defense attorneys would get 10 days -- not 5 -- to set a hearing after filing motions
May 05, 2014 03:45PM


Judge Jeffrey Colbath

The chief judge in Palm Beach County courts has reduced the speed by which foreclosure cases would go through the court system under a new order.

Judge Jeffrey Colbath amended an order providing defense attorneys with 10 days to set a hearing after filing motions. The legislation would have given them five days. Also, a judge would not be able to deny a motion without a written order under the amended legislation.

“Many such motions have languished for months and years without any attempt or effort on the part of any party to set the matter for hearing,” the new order said, as cited by the Palm Beach Post. “These unresolved motions delay the proceedings and frustrate the timely disposition of foreclosure cases in the Fifteenth Judicial Circuit.” [Palm Beach Post]Mark Maurer