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Miami home owned by Pablo Escobar sells for $10M

The new owner plans to demolish the 7,300-square-foot Miami Beach property
Pablo Escobar and his Miami Beach home

Pablo Escobar and his Miami Beach home

The former Miami mansion of the Columbian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar has sold for $9.65 million.

Miami businessman Christian Berdouare, the owner of a chain of casual Miami restaurants, purchased the 7,300-square-foot, coral pink house, which he plans to demolish.

Berdouare told the New York Daily News that the history of the home was irrelevant, and that it was the prime Miami Beach land that he wanted.

“If anything it’s a negative,” Berdouare said. “I don’t particularly like drug dealers and I don’t want to have their energy close to me.”

Back in 1987, U.S. marshals seized the property along with nearly $20 million of the Medellín Cartel’s Florida real estate assets, including a a 45-unit apartment complex, a three-bedroom condominium, a horse ranch in central Florida and a 240-unit rental complex near Fort Lauderdale.

Mirce Curkoski of One Sotheby’s Realty had the listing. [NYDN]Christopher Cameron

  • Escobar is no more crooked, or bad energy than some of our politicians, some police officers, and so many other professions. There is good and bad in everyone, and everything. To me, Escobar was a business man, just like the legal prescription meal is as well. they are no different in my eyes.