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Miami Seaquarium deal is done

Spanish theme park operator's subsidiary completes purchase of Virginia Key attraction
Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium

The sale of the Miami Seaquarium officially closed, but the price remains a mystery.

California-based Palace Entertainment, the subsidiary of a Spanish theme park operator, announced on Tuesday that it completed the acquisition of the Virginia Key attraction. Palace did not disclose the purchase price. Miami-Dade County has not recorded the transaction.

The seller is Wometco Enterprises. Palace and Wometco were in talks for more than two years before reaching a deal. The Seaquarium leases the 38-acre site from the county on a deal that runs through 2031.

Palace did not indicate what changes it plans to make at the Seaquarium, according to the Miami Herald. Miami-Dade commissioners must approve the sale. [Miami Herald]Eric Kalis

  • Javier Soler

    I like the Seaquarium and its people and I respect the environmental research they do. I also like it because it’s one of a few places left from the old-school, laid back Miami of the 70’s. But maybe it’s time we stop keeping animals in captivity in less than ideal conditions for our own amusement.

  • Irene

    this place needs to close down. enough with the torturing of our wild animals. Anybody who likes the Seaquarium really needs to get educated. Watch The Cove and Blackfish you will learn how those poor animals were captured. Kidnapped from the ocean and stripped from their families, to be held up in pools that are way too small for them. Disgusting… i hope the place closes down soon. Or better yet I hope the new owners have a heart and decide to do convert it to a marine hospital.. They can partner up or talk to Clearwater Marine Aquarium which is planning to expand the marine hospital. But once the animals are well to go back to their natural habitats they should be released not kept for our entertainment, which is plain cruel. Obviously animals like Winter over at the Clearwater Aquarium can never be released because of their injuries, but the aquarium has become a sanctuary for many or our marine animals that are in need. Miami Seaquarium (new owners) have a heart… help our wild life.