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Moishe Mana, Tony Cho sue each other over Wynwood deal

Israeli businessman vows to ruin career of Metro 1 president, who fired back with countersuit
Moishe Mana and Tony Cho

Moishe Mana and Tony Cho

Longtime business partners Moishe Mana and Tony Cho are suing each other over a property sale in Miami’s emerging Wynwood neighborhood.

Mana, an Israeli businessman who intends to build a large arts-oriented project on 25 acres in Wynwood, and Metro 1 founder and president Cho had strong comments about the nasty litigation that dates back to February. The initial suit was filed by Mana, who claims Cho and associate Scott Alan Silver cut him out of a deal for the remaining parcel he needed to finish assembling the Northwest Second Avenue and Northwest Sixth Avenue development site.

In an interview with the Daily Business Review, Mana vowed to press on until Cho loses his professional brokerage license.

“I told Tony, ‘I met you on the way up, now I’m meeting you on the way down,” Mana said.

Cho countersued, accusing Mana of slandering him through the lawsuit in order to ruin his company.

“What’s happening is a personal vendetta because he now sees me as competition,” Cho said. “A lot of people just don’t want to see you succeed.”

Cho has become more active as an investor and developer in Miami’s urban core. He is involved in the Wynwood Gateway Complex project and formed a partnership with developer Avra Jain to acquire an industrial property in the city’s Little River neighborhood.

The newspaper notes that two other lawsuits against Cho are pending. [Daily Business Review]Eric Kalis

  • Ashram

    Metro pays lots of advertising $ to TRD so they spin the article. No mention of Metro other lawsuits shame on you TRD

  • Optimo

    Tony Cho is a certified dirtbag. He’s a middle man, nothing more. He’s built nothing, and created nothing; Just another leech real estate agent. He bit the hand that fed him, and now he’s going down

  • Peter Lohr

    We need OPKO HealthCare and Castle Brands Inc. (ROX) soon to be owned by powerful Clearwater based Lohr Family to keep headquarters in Miami

  • Peter Lohr

    Hilary Clinton should lose Slick Willy if she runs for President!

  • Leo

    Tony Cho has invested in Wynwood – an honest visionary for the neighborhood -and it’s a shame Mana is little enough to mount such a thinly veiled smear campaign against him in jealousy.

    • Bob Underhill

      Jealousy? What about the other (at least) two lawsuits?
      One can hope that all the lawsuits get thrown out, Tony makes the victims whole if the don’t get thrown out, and Tony keeps his license. Lessen learned.
      He does do wonders for Wynwood.

  • Etienne

    Metro 1 has contributed to Wynwood by redeveloping the Gateway building. And Metro 1 is donating a significant park for Wynwood, check out

    • DonJ

      Wynwood Gateway was a brilliant way to get a ton of press, a discounted selection of designs + goodwill in the community for basically less that $20k in ‘awards.’

      • Etienne

        and the commitment to fully fund the winning design to be actually built. work on your reading comprehension.

        • DonJ

          Hmm…thanks for the insult but maybe you should take your own advice…

          The release you posted doesn’t say anything about a “commitment to fully fund the winning design to be actually built.” It just talks about partnerships with non-profits/AIA and that it will be built in Q4 – doesn’t specifically mention Metro1 is paying 100% of the costs – and btw those costs are a drop in the bucket compared to all the free designs and press.

  • Nate

    There are plenty of brokers who are also developers, for example Fortune.

    • Bob Underhill

      Yes, but Edgardo Defortuna doesn’t try to do both at the same time to the detriment of his clients.
      That is one of the issues in at least 2 of the lawsuits.
      The alleged crime is that the best offers were not presented to the sellers he represented, because the broker only presented deals where he could benefit as developer AND broker.
      Brokers should ALWAYS do what is in their clients best interest.