Two men sentenced for Kensington mortgage fraud

Prosecutors hope these minor players will help bring in the masterminds
September 02, 2014 04:05PM

Kensington at Royal Palm Beach

Two men were sentenced last week to a year and a day in prison for their role in a mortgage fraud scheme that crippled a Royal Palm Beach condominium.

Jose Aller and Ernesto Rodriguez admitted to being conspirators in a plot to sell overpriced units at the Kensington of Royal Palm Beach community and using falsified checks, the Palm Beach Post reported.

Prosecutors believe the two were only low-level accomplices and are using them to build a case on the lead perpetrators.

Aller and Rodriguez accepted money from the Kensington developers and falsified down payments in the name of buyers. The lenders offered a total of about $2.95 million based on the false information.

In April, prosecutors indicted Miami attorney Rashmi Airan-Pace, Kensington Trust manager Eli Riesel, mortgage broker Jordana Ende Tobel and Wells Fargo employee Florencio Luis Tezanos in the plot. [Palm Beach Post] – Frank Maradiaga