Dubious work on Palm Beach landmark home halted

Town officials to investigate conflicting reports about the project's approval
September 05, 2014 11:15AM

William Cooley

Palm Beach officials stopped construction on Vita Serena, a landmark house, when it was alleged the work had not been authorized.

William Cooley, chairman of the town’s Landmarks Preservation Commission, wrote to town staff that the home was being demolished and rebuilt incrementally. The town issued a stop-work order for the 105 Clarendon Avenue house while the allegations are investigated. Staff will inspect the site on Friday, according to the Palm Beach Daily News.

Contractor John Rossi claimed the property owner had received approval from the Landmarks Preservation Commission. Rossi is expected to address the board regarding the approval later this month.

Cooley denies such an approval was given.

First generation Palm Beach architect Marion Sims Wyeth built Vita Serena in 1926. For three decades it was the home of Jean Flagler Matthews, granddaughter of Henry Flagler. [Palm Beach Daily News] – Frank Maradiaga