Memorable “Seinfeld” scenes about SoFla real estate: VIDEOS

From left: “Seinfeld”‘s Michael Richards, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jerry Seinfeld
From left: “Seinfeld”‘s Michael Richards, Jason Alexander, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Jerry Seinfeld

Because this summer marked the 25th anniversary of “Seinfeld”’s pilot episode airing, we recently posted the eight most memorable scenes in the show that relate to NYC real estate. And while “Seinfeld” was a quintessentially New York show, we have now also highlighted the top Florida real estate-related scenes.

1) Board Impeachment: When Jerry buys his father Morty a Cadillac, a fellow tenant in his Florida retirement community, Jack Klompus, accuses Morty of embezzling funds from the office of the condo president to pay for the car. As a result, Morty is impeached and banned from serving on the condo board. But this is TV, surely boards could never really be defrauded in such a manner.

2) Spite Houses: When Jerry’s parents visit and announce they bought a new condo, it becomes clear to George’s parents they are not wanted as neighbors down in Florida. The Costanzas decide to move down to the Seinfelds’ retirement community, Del Boca Vista, out of spite. Surely real estate could never induce such spite.

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3) Trolling the Obits for Rentals/Shady Board Behavior: When Kramer decides to retire he moves in with Jerry’s parents in Florida. Mrs. Seinfeld is reading the paper and comes across an obituary for a Mr. Kornstein and seeing that it is a beautiful apartment, Kramer rents it. Because Morty can no longer run for condo board office but still wants to be able to influence the housing community, he backs Kramer, who is eligible to run because he is now a resident. Morty’s plan is to then continue to influence the board via using Kramer as a “puppet”. Kramer tries to influence the election by gifting the board members with a tip calculator, but because it is a fake version, “The Willard,” instead of the actual brand name “The Wizard,” it malfunctions and the shoddy bribe costs Kramer the election.