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Four Seasons Millennium Tower prevails in court

The building had been accused of false advertising
The Four Seasons Millennium Tower in Miami.

The Four Seasons Millennium Tower in Miami.

A Miami federal judge ruled in favor of the Four Seasons Hotel, which was accused of breaching profit-sharing contracts for hotel-condo units at the Millennium Tower in Miami.

The nine plaintiffs purchased 14 units in the tower separately from 2003 to 2005 and entered rental program agreements with the Four Seasons, according to the Daily Business Review.

They then sued in 2011, alleging the Four Seasons had convinced them to buy the units, located at 1435 Brickell Avenue, by marketing them as income-generating investment properties.

The Four Seasons fired back, noting that the rental program is voluntary and that the plaintiffs have received income.

In court, the Four Seasons called it “a classic case of buyers’ remorse.” It claimed plaintiffs simply were not getting the income they had hoped.

“As to plaintiffs Altenel Inc., Ray Development Corp. and Bozena Sawa, the court finds that plaintiffs failed to produce any evidence showing that defendant breached its contracts with these parties,” the judge wrote. “Because plaintiffs have failed to produce any evidence of damages resulting from the alleged breach of contract, this claim must fail.” [Daily Business Review]Christopher Cameron

  • Bozena Sawa

    The Miami Four Seasons has been accused of much more, Mr. Christopher Cameron. How do you prepare your articles? Meeting one person and writing what he or she is telling you? Obviously, that’s how you did this article which has ZERO to do with the truth. Do you care about being considered by your contemporaries and go down in history of the Miami journalism as a person with integrity, just and honest ? If so, start digging the truth, the way the Truthdig journalists do. Contact me ! Not only I am a victim of the Four Seasons Massive Fraud (a Miami New Times article has such a title in accord with the truth), I am also a professional journalist. I will tell you my part of the story. I will give you the proofs you said we plaintiffs did not have. The proofs –dynamite. Maybe that is why the judge did not give me a chance to testify ? I can’t speak about Altenel Inc. but I can about myself. A victim of the Four Seasons foreclosure with proofs which would win me and all of us any lawsuit in any court during any trial run with integrity. Do you know that the judge refused to let me an the owner of Altenel testify? I have also heard that the judge did not let the jury give their verdict ?
    And advertising is a tiny bit of what we accused the Four Seasons. We accused it of a number of things written in court papers on a few thousand pages. How many of them have you read. Mr. Cameron? INTEGRITY is so important in our profession. Don’t you want to show the world that you possess it ? Get back to work on this topic. Start digging. Dig out the truth and write another article which will not –as this one does–add insult to injury. We do not deserve it. Our lives were damaged !!! Destroyed ! Contact me please. It is the FIRST TIME TODAY that I saw your article. By accident. Looking for something else.

    When I learned about this unjust verdict I got a shock of my life. If I had the money I would immediately hire the best lawyer to fight this verdict in court. But my life had already been destroyed. In the course of several years I kept gathering the proofs of the crime, the proofs the court masters said we did not have. I haven’t recovered from this shock till now. I hope you will do the right thing, the only right thing to be done in these circumstances.
    Bozena Sawa