Pinecrest adopts McMansion rules

A McMansion
A McMansion

The Pinecrest Village Council adopted milder regulations on so-called McMansions than those previously introduced in April.

In the original proposal, the council considered reducing the overall height of structures in all “EU” residential estate zoning districts from 35 to 32 feet, and capping wall heights at 26 feet, according to the Miami Herald. It also added strict setback requirements.

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However, the new regulations do not include setback adjustments and reject lowering the maximum height of overall structures. It did however cap wall heights, but at 27 instead feet of 26.

The new proposal also requested that the maximum height of accessory structures be increased to 18 instead of 14 feet.  Resident Frank Mendez recommended that measure to the council to prevent contractors from circumventing the rules by awkwardly attaching structures to main homes. [Miami Herald]Christopher Cameron