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Miami school district bracing for downtown population boom

With many new condo developments, the school system doesn’t know what to expect

Downtown Miami

With thousands of new condo units rising above downtown Miami, the school district is bracing for a possible wave of families moving to the area.

Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho is partnering with the Downtown Development Authority to run the numbers and evaluate what, if any, new school developments and programs are needed in downtown Miami, according to Local 10.

“It’s sort of the unpredictability of what downtown will bring,” Carvalho said. “We know that condos are booming. The question is, are they going to be filled with families?”

“A lot of it is driven by foreign investment that does not result necessarily in students wanting to attend schools in Miami-Dade,” Carvalho added. “We’re going to grow organically as the downtown community grows.” [Local 10]Christopher Cameron

  • David

    That photo is a decade old! Marina Blue under construction on the right, Viscayne and Loft2 in the distance. Couldn’t the author find a photo of the current development?

  • globalreach

    lmao send them to Brooker T

  • Fm

    Like transit, and considering the 50% downpaymentin new condos development, that implies more steady families coming to town I assume the city is going to have to tackle those relevant questions: they cannot do what they did in the past ie
    hide their head in the sand

    • Mike Simpson

      Downtown has doubled in population in 10 years and the number of families there has DEcreased by 2% in the same timeframe. The current schools just need to be improved in the meantime.