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Bay Harbor Islands revises land-use rules

Balconies are no long part of the equation for condo buildings
Bay Harbor Island

Bay Harbor Islands

Bay Harbor Islands council members agreed to change its land-use rules, allowing for slightly larger condo towers.

The council had been considering the move ever since it discovered that it was the only town that counted balconies in total building coverage.

It has tentatively approved a revision of the code’s definition of total building coverage for properties in the RM3 district, which is comprised of five waterfront buildings on the Eastern Island, according to the Miami Herald.

“We found it very unusual that the definition includes that provision,” said town planner Michael Miller. [Miami Herald]Christopher Cameron

  • Disappointed

    I own a condo in Bay harbor and my balcony is included in the area constructed. I don’t see why the new construction cannot follow this rule and why the counsel is approving building that do not comply. This is a well kept island which is not a concrete jungle like the rest of miami. I strongly disagree with the decision.