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Miami startup wants to play real estate matchmaker

RealConnex connects developers with investors, builders and designers
Roy Abrams is CEO of RealConnex.

Roy Abrams is CEO of RealConnex.

A Miami-based startup hopes to set up real estate developers with their dream lender, architect or builder.

RealConnex is still in Beta testing mode, but it intends to eventually connect real estate professionals with their ideal business partners before the project is listed but after it’s acquired, according to the South Florida Business Journal.

“It’s meets LinkedIn for the real estate professional,” CEO Roy Abrams said.

Thus far, some 400 vendors have signed up, as well as various real estate investors offering a total of $1.5 billion, Abrams said.

The RealConnex platform costs about $2 million to build, with 70 percent of the company’s funding coming from private investors in South Florida, he added.

“To be able to design and execute technology of this magnitude, you’ve got to be either brave or stupid,” Abrams said. [South Florida Business Journal] – Christopher Cameron

  • jake

    This is stupid… every developer who’s been in the game for more than a year knows who to hire… anyone out of the country is going to hire an owners rep or ask their lawyer who already have connections. What do you think LinkedIn is already for? Might work for the dirt cheap developers on smaller projects that want 50 contractors to bid it.