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Homeowners’ premiums don’t spike after claims

Rates rise just 3 percent, well below nation average

insuranceFiling a homeowner insurance claim is not as painful as many Floridians often assume.

The year after filing a claim here, policies rise just 3 percent for homeowner insurance coverage, according to a report from, a website that provides free searches and quotes on insurance. That is below the 9 percent national average rate increase.

Florida homeowners often put off filing claims with their property insurance companies under the assumption it will make future coverage prohibitively expensive.

But while Floridians get a break on rates after filing a first claim, they still pay some of the nation’s highest homeowner’s insurance premiums. [Sun-Sentinel] Jennifer White Karp

  • Jordan Weiss

    In Florida, homeowners carriers actually aren’t permitted to increase your homeowners rates due to a claim (they may re-tier you in their underwriting criteria, which is really just semantics). The issue is that the vast majority of homeowners carriers can/will non-renew you for for putting in a claim, thus making it more difficult to find coverage through another carrier as many won’t accept you as a new client if you’ve had any sort of non-act of God claim in the past 3-5 years.