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Miami’s streetcar plan revival hits snag

County's Metropolitan Planning Organization passes on chance to endorse project
Commissioner Audrey Edmonson

Commissioner Audrey Edmonson

The push to revive plans for a streetcar system in downtown Miami hit a snag when the Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization passed on a chance to endorse the project.

Concerns about undercutting other transportation initiatives were expressed when the organization’s board deferred a vote on the streetcar proposal. The county is working with Miami Beach on a potential transit link between downtown and the beach – dubbed Bay Link – and the idea of a gondola is floating around.

“I am still very excited about this project as long as it doesn’t compete with all of the other projects that’s in the hopper,” board member and County Commissioner Audrey Edmonson said, as cited by Miami Today.

Dennis Moss, another board member and commissioner, called for a comprehensive examination of the county’s entire transportation system.

“What’s happening now is we have those bits and pieces floating around,” he said. [Miami Today]Eric Kalis

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    So …could you be more clear on this Commisioner Edmonson? people have been paying taxes for the last ten years hoping transportation through downtown and from downtown to southbeach wil be smoothed by the development of the city. Commissioner, we humble taxpayers hope that you will push forward as promissed by your predecessors and responsible officers. It is outrageous that the mayor office and the Metropolitan Planning Organization
    Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organizationhides behind circumvolutions and wording whereas it is of the utmost importance to go forward on this since people and filling up the space and need transpostation more than museums