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Putting unemployed to work in construction

Miami coalition seeks to provide jobs on new development projects
Cranes over Miami

Cranes over Miami

Miami contractors need workers and Miami locals need jobs, but somehow the two sides have not matched up easily, prompting a coalition to create a novel approach.

According to Miami Today, a nonprofit, builders’ trade association and career training resource have teamed up to recruit residents from areas that need employment, train the workers and find them jobs.

“How do we get contractors, builders that need employees, the employees that they need and how do we get folks here in Miami-Dade County to get these jobs?” said Mayor Carlos Gimenez at a meeting Oct. 20 to discuss the partnership.

The Neighbors and Neighbors Association, the nonprofit involved in the effort, is going to recruit future employees from areas with low employment, such as Goulds, Homestead, Miami Gardens, Model City, Naranja, Opa-locka and Overtown. [Miami Today] – Jennifer White Karp

  • jake

    Thats why there are unions in other states. Why would anyone want to be a laborer or in the construction industry when you get paid as much as working at a retail store? I’m not saying we should have Unions in Florida but from Chicago like myself it provides more than just the proper education and training and also protection. Like I said when you get paid a retail wage and you are a highly skilled worker theres not much incentive to work in construction.