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Florida leads U.S. in creation of new construction jobs

New jobs increased 10.4 percent over October 2013
Construction workers

Miami-Dade added 4,400 new construction jobs

Florida jumped ahead of the rest of the nation in October with the addition of 40,100 new construction jobs, representing a 10.4-percent increase over the previous year.

South Florida held the largest concentration of growth, with Miami-Dade County leading at 12.3 percent with 4,400 new jobs. Palm Beach County was up 7.6 percent with 2,100 jobs and Broward County increased their job count by 4.9 percent with 1,700 jobs, according to the South Florida Sun Sentinel.

J. Antonio Villamil, an economist at The Washington Economics Group, credits foreign investment, low-rate mortgages and an improved employment market with creating the demand for new condo and apartment construction. “We’re starting to attract younger millennials. Broward is having success in corporate headquarters. This all increases the demand for apartments and good housing,” he said.

However, Villamil noted that developers aren’t returning to the construction levels of the 2004 to 2006 boom because banks have become stricter when it comes to financing projects. Despite the nationwide increases in new construction job, economist Ken Simonson of the Associated General Contractors of America warned that recovery is still unsteady because the number of new jobs varies monthly and could be hurt by worker shortages or unhelpful governmental actions. [South Florida Sun Sentinel]Chris Guanche


  • jonathan chobain

    why are all of real deals articles contradict each other, one day they have an article on not enough construction workers now they are number 1. another article is we are see a slow down in sales and than the next day they write about how we are top in the east coast. I don’t understand are these writers coping from what ever they see or is this hard facts. the way it looks like its just what ever they see they post.

    • jake

      Its just like how developers and contractors say theres a huge labor shortage or everyone left the state of Florida. Lets get real people are wanting what they are worth now. A lot of new job openings means you don’t have to beg for your job and take low pay anymore. Developers want the prices to sky rocket but get labor at slave prices. It’s funny because subs and contractors complain about how there is a labor shortage or how the quality is bad but no one cares to train them!!