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Stunning glass-roofed loft asks $11.5M in Paris

Original factory structure created by Gustave Eiffel
A Parisian loft

A Parisian loft

From the New York site: South Florida lofts don’t compare to this $11.5 million Parisian listing.

This ornate loft conversion features a gabled glass roof, resting on a early 20th-century steel structure created by famed French architect Gustave Eiffel, according to Curbed.

The 9,400-square-foot former textile factory in the Bastille neighborhood was converted into a five-bedroom mansion and includes such amenities as an indoor pool, a hamam bath, a 15-seat movie theater and a wine cellar.

“It was a workshop with only four walls and a roof made of corrugated iron with not a single window,” owner Véronique Bonnefond told the Wall Street Journal.

Bonnefond and her husband bought and converted the property after their business venture at the address failed. [Curbed] – Christopher Cameron

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    yea lets pay 11.5 million dollars for a loft in the middle of the Paris AKA the new Syria. Paris does not even have the same culture it used to have, you go there now and see more halaal places then nice French bakeries. If your spending that kind of money on a loft you better have business in Paris because living there today is like living in an Arab country. There is a reason why over 200K people are moving out In the last year.