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The Wrap: Boca Raton builder planning Tara Cove townhomes in West Palm, Jessy Nite’s art radiates Miami’s subtropical modern flair…and more

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Rendering of Tara Cove townhomes

1. Boca Raton builder planning Tara Cove townhomes in West Palm [Sun Sentinel]
2. Jessy Nite’s art radiates Miami’s subtropical modern flair [Curbed Miami]
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4. Uber reps: Regulating Uber like taxis ‘just doesn’t make sense’ [South Florida Business Journal]

Katherine Kallergis

  • Real Estate

    STRONG MOMENTUM OF Real Estate in Cambodia IN 2014

    Even the political returned to normal in the last few months, the protest of the garment workers to demand the increasing of minimum wage and the protest of the people of land dispute always exist, the specialist of construction and Real Estate in Cambodia still have potentiality and attraction.

    According to report of Ministry of Land Management, Urban Development, and Construction, capital investment in construction sector in Cambodia during 9 months in 2014 costs about 2 billion dollars. In 9 months early in 2014, the Ministry has issued permission to 1478 projects on 5 088 720 sqm construction area which equal to total capital investment 2030 million dollars while during 5 months in the early 2014, the Ministry has issued permission to 728 projects which cost total capital investment about 1537 million dollars. Real Estate in Cambodia

  • Real Estate


    National and International specialists in real estate recently claimed that the development of real estate sector in Toul Tom Pung, Khan Chamkarmon, Phnom Penh is have a strong momentum with high building construction such as hotel, accommodation as apartment and condominium.

    Not too far from Beoung Keng Kang and Beoung Prolet, Toul Tom Pung is being interesting by local and foreign investors in constructions and other businesses. The price of land in Toul Tom pung increase similarly to other areas too, means that increased from 20 to 30 per cent and the price ranges from US$2000 to US$3000 per square meter.

    Moreover, the potential area for hotel investment are firstly river front area, secondly Beoung Keng Kang, and thirdly this Toul Tom Pung area. Real Estate in Cambodia

  • Real Estate


    An officer of the Ministry of Lang Management, Urban Development, and Construction claimed that the development of building in Phnom Penh has two features which the first feature in the horizontal construction development in up skirt area and the second is the vertical construction development in the center of the city.

    Mr. Lao Tepseyha, deputy general director of the construction department told that Khan that is the target for vertical construction investment are Daun Penh, 7Makara, and Toul Kok while the price land of these Khan is very expensive. Construction development project in these Khans can be apartments, offices, and mostly are required to develop in vertical direction.

    In the 12 Khans of Phnom Penh, there are total of 505 high buildings, but Khans with the most number of high building are Khan Chamkarmon which has up to 220 buildings, Toul Kok has 87 buildings, Daun Penh has 65 buildings, and 7 Makara has 59 buildings.

    According to Ministry of Construction showed that Khan Reussey Keo has satellite city development as Borey in 14 places, Chroychanva has 4 places, Meanchey 5 places, Chbar Ampov has 9 places, Sen Sok has 26 places, khan Po Sen Chey has 22 places. Real Estate in Cambodia

  • Huti Kob

    The Mekong Royal Begin its Housing Development Project Phase 1

    By seeing the growth of economy and Real estate in Cambodia is being better, The Mekong Phnom Penh Development Cooperation, Ltd, recently decided to invest millions dollars on housing development in the area of 13 hecter land.

    Miss. Chev Sokhun, Chief Marketing Officer of Borey The Mekong Royal, said that understanding the expansion of Phnom Penh and demands for new housing are dramatically increasing, so the owner of The Mekong Royal decided to invest on this Borey’s construction.

    Borey The Mekong Royal is located along national road 6 which is in Sankat Prek Leap, Khan Chroychanva, Phnom Penh and has 5 kilometers far away from Chroychanva Bridge.

    Miss Sokhun claimed that until now we have sold house about 60 per cent in The Mekong Project. The sale of housing in The Mekong Project is being successful. The success of The Mekong Royal because of the development is focused mainly on the construction of some infrastructure such as large roads, gardens, and lights especially gym and swimming pool.

    She added that surrounding by a river have made housing in Borey The Mekong Royal compose of fresh air and there is also located next to big roads to some provinces.

    Nowadays, The Mekong Royal is developing housings such as flat, King Villa, and Queen Villa. Real estate in Cambodia

  • Bihi Yok

    HSL Group Plan to Construct the Highest Building in Myanmar

    HSL Group Company announced about a huge construction project located in Tarmwe city, which includes the construction of the highest building in Myanmar.

    First phase of Polo Club Asia project is the construction of a building with 34 floors height equal to the building of Diamond Inya Palace project which is underconstruction. The highest building in Myanmar now is Centrepoint Towers with 25 floors.

    Ms. Wah Wah Hlaing, Chief of project of the Polo Club Asia, said that second phase of Polo Club Asia project will be the construction of office building and apartment not for rent while the third phase is the construction of five stars hotel.

    The entire Polo Club project will spend 6 years to develop by including 2 accommodation buildings will be launched in June 2018. This 2 buildings has 373 units with super market at the ground floor. The last part that need to be completed is hotel. Real Estate in Cambodia

  • Bihi Yok

    Hyundai Wants to Construct a 571 Meters Height Building

    The biggest Car Company in South Korea will plan to construct a building with 571 meters height in Seoul in order for use as the company ownership.

    According to report on Seoul authority’ website revealed that Hyundai Motor Group has proposed the construction of a twin building comprise with offices, convention center, and hotel.

    The company, managed by South Korean family, will construct a large project while they have changed the management from one generation to another.

    At the East of the area which is planned to construct the highest building of Hyandai Company, Mr Shin Kyuk Ho which the founder who is 90 years old of Lotte Group, is constructing a building named Lotte World Tower with 555 meters height that is subjected to finish next year. Real Estate in Cambodia

  • Bihi Yok

    The Highest Building at ASEAN Start the Construction

    Vingroup Company starts to construct the highest building in Vietnam. The building named Landmark81 that has 81 floors. This building is located in Vinhomes Central Park, which is the development area along Saigon River of Hochiminh City.

    According to Vietnam New Agent, in spite of becoming the most luxurious and higest building in Vietnam, this project will has the highest restaurant in ASEAN Region.

    The building is constructed on 43.9 hectare area, which will be used for luxurious hotel of Vinpearl Company, Offices, Stores, Business Center, Restaurant, Bars, green garden, and apartments which are not owned by Vinhomes. Real Estate in Cambodia