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Marrying exotic cars with pricey real estate at Prestige Imports

Dealership will market Paramount Miami Worldcenter from Lamborghini showroom
Paramount, Brett David, Jessica and Brooke

Prestige Imports’ Lamborghinis, Brett David, Brooke David, Jessica Crockett and Paramount Miami Worldcenter

Prestige Imports, sellers of exotic cars — Lamborghini, Lotus, Pagani and Audi — is getting into the luxury real estate game, The Real Deal has learned.

Recognizing that buyers of expensive cars like to own multi-million dollar homes, Prestige Imports’ CEO Brett David plans to open a brokerage arm to sell pricey properties.

“We figured out a niche way to integrate our customers — specifically high-end customers — from the exotic dealership, and we are able to deliver to them this lifestyle package you can only dream of,” David, 27, told TRD. “It’s a perfect way to cross-pollinate.”

His sister, Brooke David, 23, already works as a real estate agent for Turnberry International Realty. She will be heading the new brokerage business, along with her business partner, Jessica Crockett, Brett David said.

As a first step, Prestige has just partnered with Paramount Miami Worldcenter to create an alliance. Brooke David will market Paramount condo units from her Turnberry International Realty office inside the Lamborghini showroom in North Miami Beach, with a scale model of the proposed condo tower.

“It’s an opportunity to deliver their preconstruction units to our customers — anyone buying high-end Lamborghinis,” Brett David said. “So when the husband or wife is shopping for a car, the other family members can take a look at a cool new project.”

The partners launched the alliance a few days ago at a cocktail party at the Paramount sales gallery, where Lamborghini drivers celebrated South Florida’s first BullFest.

Brett David, who operates four dealerships — Prestige Imports, Lamborghini Miami, Pagani Miami, Lotus Miami and Prestige Audi — said he considers real estate sales a first step toward diversifying into real estate development, which has always been his dream.

“I fell into a great business and we have been able to bring the business into where it is today,” said Brett David, who has been running Prestige Imports since his father passed away in 2007. “To branch out with the family, the next step is residential and commercial development.”

  • Rick

    This guy knows nothing about “diversifying into real estate development” …are you kidding me? Kid never went to school, got the dealership handed over and watches his managers run the daily business while he shows up on the cover. Many of his customers and colleagues have said “it’s not all gold that shines at Prestige”…. that speaks for itself. Whatever happend when Prestige Audi lost its license due to selling reposed and crashed cars as ‘new’ ??? You got many friends when you’re doing well, but none of them will put their hand in the fire for you. People beware…

  • Pat

    Brooke David? I bet she only works at Turnberry, not for qualification, but for their business relationship with her bro. Rich girl had her application withdrawn, and now go her license for not even a long time….let her pass her post licensing first though 🙂 I love how this guy takes about a ‘niche’ and just copies what businesses have been doing for a long time already. Who are you trying to fool? With all his resources, he cannot come up with something unique and new. Poor dude seeks to be different, but always copies others. I remember a friend from Golden Beach bought a Benz from him and we told him to start doing car rentals – arrogant guy says ‘we’ll never do such a business’…. what happened Brett? You seem all alike…Liram’s MPH Club lion logo was taken from the web…that’s sad. Can’t you get a decent designer to make a unique logo for you? Tells me alot about your business principles… All the kids trying so hard to be ‘entrepreneurs, philantrophists and visionaries’…but just burning your parents money. Please don’t come to synagogue anymore…

  • Ibrahim

    Seems that some people here are not that happy with Prestige hahaha However, I agree with not everything being solid at that dealership. I remember when they came up with the AU79 gold Aventador and people praised him for being an innovator…when he actually took that idea from a partner’s magazine he was working with and never gave the guy credit where it’s due after he handed him the project, it’s all bla bla bla Brett’s friends and girls at Haute Living for sure are all bias…can’t go after what they say…they write a story for spending a night lmao (you know who you are). I have invested in several properties in the Palm Beaches, Aventura and SoBe and will for sure not have any business with these guys. My money is better invested with someone that knows what they are talking about. Thank you, but no thank you.

  • CelliMelli

    What happened with Prestige Porsche? Guess they didn’t like Prestige too much either lolz

  • Rick

    Right @Ibrahim I was at the event at Segafredo and that was way before this golden Bull came out. It’s sad, but oh well….people like these have so much money but still need any attention they can get, otherwise they are the brokest people alive. Anybody can show off their parents cash, making it yourself starting from nothing, that’s what makes you rich. There’s so much wrong with that dealership and these dudes is not even funny…but funny to see I’m not the only one that had that experience.