The Real Deal Miami

QUIZ: Rendering or real? A look at SoFla projects

Renderings are getting more realistic every year

Can you recognize the project?

Can you recognize the project?

Renderings, or computer-generated photographs, have been a staple of the real estate industry for years. Developers and brokerages alike use these images to show potential buyers, communities and decision makers what their projects will hopefully look like when completed.

These days, those pictures are made using cutting edge technology that sometimes blurs the line between real and fake. Take this quiz and test your knowledge of local real estate. Can you recognize a project in only one photograph? Can you tell the difference between what’s real or a rendering?

  • Kristian Toimil

    That was fun; ofcourse, if you follow condo developments, you know which building don’t even exist yet, so that give you an advantage 😉