Trump appeals to the worst in people: Barbara Corcoran

She said Trump would not make a good president

May.May 22, 2016 02:00 PM

From the New York site: Real estate mogul and entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran has been somewhat cagey (at least in public) about her thoughts regarding the increasingly contentious presidential race. But in a recent interview with CNN, Corcoran made it clear that she is no fan of the Donald.

Back in January, Corcoran told Luxury Listings NYC: “I don’t care about politics. Not one inkling do I care about politics. I guess I should, but I really don’t.”

However, since then, Trump has become a major contender in the presidential race and it seems that Corcoran could no longer avoid taking her old friend to task.

“I don’t think Donald has changed one inch since the day I met him,” Corcoran said. “I met him in my mid-20s, so was he. He was starting new in the business, as was I. And so we kind of came up through the ranks together. He was my best advocate when I was on his side and supporting him. If you ever differed with him, he was your worst nightmare. He hasn’t changed in the technique he’s used from the beginning of time until this day to get notoriety to play the press…It’s remarkable to me.”

Asked if there was a positive aspect to Trump, Corcoran admitted that he is a master salesman.

“I think he is a hugely successful businessman because of his enormous ability to put out an image and have everybody fall for it. He is great at recovery and getting everyone to believe he is back on top. He is a magician in that regard.”

However, she clarified that, “there is always a mini man behind the curtain.”

“The exaggeration and the claims that are made are about a hundred times taller than the little man behind the curtain.”

Asked if Trump would make a good president, Corcoran replied, “I don’t think so at all.”

“When I heard he was running for president the first time and now again the second time, I thought it was a joke. There are traits that have to be a part of any great leader that just don’t exist [in Trump]: fairness, fair play, no bullying, no name-calling, creating consensus in a population that has great diversity, not making people divide and hate each other, not appealing to the worst base note in the human being. He does all of those things particularly well.”

[CNN]Christopher Cameron

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