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Former “megachurch” may sell part of its property

A hotel and multi-family developer offered to buy part of Calvary Assembly's campus in Orlando
August 06, 2016 12:00PM

Calvary Assembly campus in Orlando

Calvary Assembly campus in Orlando

A former “megachurch” in Orlando with a shrunken congregation is considering a developer’s offer to purchase part of its property for commercial development.

Ed Garvin, pastor of Calvary Assembly, told the Christian Post a developer offered to buy “the portion of our property that contains the extra parking with the intention of building a hotel and a multi-family housing unit.”

Garvin also told the Christian Post that “Calvary will not own the buildings, and will likely not own the land. The most likely scenario is the land will be sold to the developer once the approval process is complete.”

Calvary Assembly, founded in Orlando in 1953, had about 7,000 members at its peak and now has about 650.

Efforts to revitalize Calvary Assembly involve an evaluation of all its facilities, including a worship center built in 1987 with seating for more than 5,500. [Christian Post] — Mike Seemuth