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Townhouse project for North Beach gets design review approval

Four-unit project will be on Tatum Waterway in fast-changing neighborhood  
By James Teeple | November 01, 2016 04:00PM


Renderings of proposed townhouse project at 8127 Crespi Boulevard

In a sign that new development could soon be coming to a long-neglected section of North Beach, the Miami Beach Design Review Board approved seven variances for a townhouse project at 8127 Crespi Boulevard.  

Brickland 1, LLC was seeking the variances as part of its plans to build a new three-story, four-unit townhouse project on a vacant lot. The variances addressed setbacks and required areas for parking spaces and interior driveways on the extremely small 5,491 square-foot lot.    

While they approved the variances, the board said the developer would have to work closely with staff and modify plans if necessary. Board members expressed concerns over the placement of mechanical units stating that all such units will have to be placed on rooftops of the proposed townhouse units. Board members also expressed concerns that elevation plans for the townhomes be reviewed by staff for accuracy.   

Brickland 1, LLC first submitted plans for the project in 2014 but failed to obtain a building permit in the allotted timeframe. Florida corporate records show the entity is led by Eduardo Botte and Carlos Macchi.

If the project goes forward as planned it will be the first new development along the Tatum Waterway in several years. The area lies within a proposed local historic district, which must be approved by the Miami Beach City Commission.   

At their last meeting on October 19th, commissioners took no action on whether to support a recommendation made by the city’s historic preservation board to create two local historic districts in North Beach. Local historic designation would require the historic preservation board to review any plans to alter or demolish buildings within such a district.

So far this year, commissioners have given preliminary approval to raising height limits along 71st Street in a bid to create a town center for North Beach. At their last meeting they also approved the creation of a short-term or extended stay rental district along Harding Avenue, just a few blocks from Crespi Boulevard in a move to spur development in the area.