Charlie Kushner’s redemption

The developer is regaining his stature thanks to his son’s meteoric rise to the White House
By Katherine Clarke | March 01, 2017 09:45AM

Charlie Kushner (Illustration by Edward Kinsella)

From the New York magazine’s February issue: When real estate broker David Falk’s father died in the fall of 2013, he and his family sat shiva at his Westchester home for several days.

Later that week, when Falk and his family decamped to his sister’s house in Connecticut to continue the Jewish mourning ritual, Falk felt relieved that his turn to host was over.

“I was so glad I wouldn’t know anyone there, because I was so tired,” he recalled.

But while sitting in his sister’s living room, Falk spotted someone he knew approaching the house. Walking toward the front door was Charles Kushner along with his wife, Seryl, and his eldest son, Jared. Charlie’s presence shocked Falk, who until then had done just a handful of deals with the developer and investor. [more]