2018 saw young professionals flocking to Miami

    Florida has a reputation of being the preferred destination of tourists, retirees and a subset of the nation’s weirdest known collectively as “Florida Man” – the source of news stories so strange, you couldn’t possibly make them up.  

    Yet the even stranger truth is that the country’s most desirable group – young professionals – are moving to the Sunshine State in droves. An analysis of recent moving data reveals that three times as many who had full-service moves last year came to Miami-Ft. Lauderdale for work rather than retirement.

    Other ah-ha’s collected from a recent industry study*?

    • More than half of those who moved into South Florida last year cited a new job as the reason
    • 56% of the heads of households were prime working age — 18 to 54
    • Those moving in reported an average salary of $139,000, slightly higher than the income of those moving out.

    As one of Florida’s largest movers and relocation experts, Suddath is on the ground working directly with the people these numbers represent.

    Want to learn why more and more people are calling Miami home?

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    *UniGroup, Inc. (which consists of United Van Lines and Mayflower Transit) is the largest van line in the US, specializing in interstate household goods moving. Suddath is the largest UniGroup agent.

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