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Fort Lauderdale adopts three-dimensional software tool for zoning

The city's Department of Sustainable Development will install the Zonar.City software developed by Miami-based Gridics LLC
February 18, 2018 12:30PM

Jason Doyle, CEO of Gridics LLC

The city of Fort Lauderdale adopted a three-dimensional software application designed to help municipal governments to manage, alter and communicate their zoning regulations.

Fort Lauderdale’s Department of Sustainable Development will use the Zonar.City software to support its development application review process and its urban design and planning activities.

Zonar software, developed by Miami-based Gridics LLC, combines the measurable mandates of a zoning code with property records, parcel shapes and mapped zones.

Paid Zonar subscribers will be able to produce customized studies of the feasibility of potential developments in Fort Lauderdale.

Zonar software also will help Fort Lauderdale’s planning staff and policy makers to visualize the impact of zoning regulations and zoning changes on the built environment.

Fort Lauderdale’s installation of Zonar will result in “streamlined communication between the public and private sectors,” Jason Doyle, CEO of Gridics, said in a prepared statement. – Mike Seemuth