Suntex Marinas is trying to evict Monty’s from Miami Beach property

Monty’s claims the landlord is being crabby and is trying to bully the eatery

Monty’s Miami Beach
Monty’s Miami Beach

A South Beach landlord is trying to evict Monty’s, alleging it has health code violations, unpaid rent and dated menu items.

Monty’s Sunset Miami Beach claims the landlord is just being crabby and is trying to find a way to take over the lease of the property, according to the Daily Business Review.

“To me this is all just a ruse to bully and intimidate and unlawfully malign the quality of Monty’s.” said Monty’s attorney Craig Shapiro, of counsel at Buchbinder & Elegant in Miami, according to the Daily Business Review.

Dallas-based Suntex Marinas wants Monty’s to move out of its marina in South Beach. It claims Monty’s has had 300 health code violations since 2013, including a confirmed food poisoning complaint, the Daily Business Review reported. It also alleges the seafood restaurant owes $656,155 in rent.

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In addition, Suntex is taking aim at Monty’s menu, arguing that it is outdated with prices that are too low, resulting in less money for the landlord.

The attorney for Monty’s claims the landlord assumed the lease last year without knowing the restaurant has over 33 years left on its agreement, according to the Daily Business Review.

An affiliate of Suntex Marinas sued Monty’s on Nov. 13 in a five-count Miami-Dade Circuit Court complaint asking the court to remove the restaurant. [Daily Business Review]Keith Larsen

Correction: A previous version of this story had an incorrect photo.