Lawsuit accuses Michael Comras, Robert Cayre and Harry Adjmi of dodging $300K judgment

Leon Zwick’s companies won a court ruling in 2018 against the three developers over a failed real estate deal

Michael Comras and 947 Lincoln Road (Credit: Google Maps)
Michael Comras and 947 Lincoln Road (Credit: Google Maps)

Two years after losing a court battle over a scuttled Lincoln Road real estate deal, a partnership between Michael Comras, Robert Cayre and Harry Adjmi hasn’t paid the $300,000 judgment, according to a recently filed lawsuit.

Miami Beach real estate investors Leon Zwick and Nadar Yazdani, through two entities they manage and that own 940 Lincoln Road and 947 Lincoln Road, sued Comras, Cayre and Adjmi in Miami-Dade Circuit Court, seeking to enforce a 2018 ruling against the commercial developers.

The trio’s partnership originally sued the Zwick and Yazdani entities in 2013 to force the sale of the Lincoln Road properties. They lost, but 940 Lincoln Road Enterprises and 947 Lincoln Road Investments have been unable to collect the six-figure judgment, the new lawsuit states.

The Zwick entities allege limited liability companies tied to Comras, Cayre and Adjmi “fraudulently transferred assets and property” to avoid paying the $300,000. 940 Lincoln Road Enterprises and 947 Lincoln Road Investments “respectfully request that this court assist in the enforcement of the judgment against Judgment Debtors by requiring the Principals’ personal property to be examined and voiding the fraudulent transfers made to third parties,” the lawsuit states.

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“My client was successful in defeating this attempt to take his valuable Lincoln Road properties,” said Michael Schlesinger, attorney for the Zwick entities. “Now we are attempting to collect on a judgment to recoup his legal fees.”

Todd Legon, a lawyer for the Comras, Cayre and Adjmi partnership, said the new lawsuit has no merit. “This complaint is complete and total nonsense,” Legon said. “We will be seeking my attorney fees for having to respond to it.”

The squabble over the $300,000 is the latest twist in an eight-year saga over a real estate deal that fell apart. In October 2012, the Zwick entities entered into a sales contract with the Comras partnership, which agreed to purchase 940 Lincoln Road for $61 million and 947 Lincoln Road for $25 million. But a separate legal fight between Zwick and his sister over her alleged stake in the properties prompted the Comras partnership to cancel the deal. According to legal documents, the Zwick entities returned deposits totalling $8.8 million. In a previous interview with The Real Deal, Legon claimed Zwick had agreed to re-enter the contract once the dispute with his sister was resolved.

However, the Comras partnership sued the Zwick entities in 2013 after discovering he had arranged to separately sell 947 Lincoln Road to another buyer.

In March 2018, the property was sold to Richard Chera, co-founder of New York City’s Crown Acquisitions, for $25.6 million. Eight months later, Miami-Dade Circuit Court judge Migna Sanchez-Llorens granted summary judgment in favor of the Zwick entities.