Extell head calls other Hudson Yards bids ‘flawed’ … and more

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  1. 1. Extell Development president Gary Barnett says the four other Hudson Yards bids are “flawed” more [NYO]
  2. 2. 450 Park Avenue sale closes for $509 million more [NYO]
  3. 3. Old Brooklyn cinema remains shuttered more [NYDN]
  4. 4. Office cleaners, cafeteria workers and Verizon workers could strike more [Newsday]
  5. 5. City vows crackdown on window safety guards more [NYDN]
  6. 6. Jersey City rink goes for the Rockefeller Center feel more [NJ.com]
  7. 7. Queens organic market keeps growing more [NYDN]
  8. 8. Two Manhattan museums sell buildings more [NYO]
  9. 9. Rev. Jesse Jackson plans Wall Street march against subprime lenders more [Crain’s]