Real estate licenses enter Internet era

The New York State Department of State, the agency that issues real estate licenses, has moved some of its operations online.

The department recently launched a 24-hour licensing management system that expedites the licensing process and updates information in real time. The system, called EAccessNY, allows real estate agents and brokers to apply for a salesperson license, change an address, renew a license and check the status of pending forms.

Before the system launched, new agents would need to trek downtown with application in hand to the Department of State’s New York City Office On William Street, or mail in a form and wait as long as a month to receive a permanent license. And, while hard copies are still required for certain forms, others must now be done on the Web.

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“This really allows them to go ahead and work right away,” said Michael Barbolla, general sales manager at Charles Rutenberg Realty.

“You’re literally registering them with the firm right away.”

The new system puts an onus on the heads of large brokerages to make sure that they update the status of brokers’ positions. But, some say, at first blush, the new system seems promising.

“I think it is a terrific idea and I am delighted that they are doing it,” said Frederick Peters, president of Warburg Realty Partnership. “There are still a few kinks to work out.”

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