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  1. 1. Top-floor apartments in walk-ups offer good deals, lots of
    light and great views [NYT]
  2. 2. A landlord transforms three buildings in Washington Heights
    into what he calls living galleries [NYT]
  3. 3. An apartment in Park Slope gets auctioned off from the stoop [NYT]
  4. 4. As people fall behind on their bills for storage space,
    their property gets sold off [NYT]
  5. 5. A report in Westchester
    suggests using land in office parks for moderate-cost housing [NYT]
  6. 6. Playing the “What’s my home worth?” game is always
    fun [NYT]
  7. 7. New suburban-style homes are sprouting in Rossville [NYT]
  8. 8. More than two dozen churches and synagogues in Manhattan and Brooklyn
    have been redeveloped since the 1980s. [NYT]
  9. 9. A new adjustable-rate mortgage allows borrowers to refinance
    for a flat fee [NYT]
  10. 10. Owners of co-ops and condos trim prices to get stalled homes
    moving [NYT]
  11. 11. New Jersey’s
    housing market has further to fall. [NYT]
  12. 12. Rental season is already busy in the Hamptons [Post]
  13. 13. A new Upper East Side zip
    code is the city’s richest [Post]
  14. 14. A con-man in East New York stole his church and sold it to a developer [NYDN]
  15. 15. Mill Basin,
    on the outer banks of the South Brooklyn
    shore, is full of fancy homes [NYDN]
  16. 16. New luxury buildings in Jersey City and Hoboken are luring buyers away from FiDi and Brooklyn [Post]
  17. 17. Six secrets of using the Web to buy homes [US News]
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