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Which mayoral candidate do you think will do more for NYC real estate and why?

Bloomberg allowed overdevelopment, which brought too many properties onto the market, which ultimately devalued New York City property, and now there are buildings sitting vacant. Don’t you real estate guys get this? What a bunch of myopic greedy dudes you are. Vote for Thompson.

How much of an impact would an extended first-time homebuyer tax credit have on NYC?

This credit helps studio buyers so more studio buyers will buy now rather than wait. Because more studios will be bought, the median price of an apartment will go down.

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NY, NJ have highest property taxes in country

We stay and pay the taxes because most of the rest of the country (not all — most) is just plain boring unless Pizza Hut is your idea of a big night out.

Survey shows 601 troubled condos in the city, Downtown Brooklyn worst off

1. The developers should have done their homework to see what would be their competition at completion. Did they do their rental fall back analysis? Now the prices will fall and maybe the hard working common folk can buy a unit
2. It’s not Manhattan — that’s the first problem. These people insist in high prices and some will take forever to be sold. We are having problems in this country, like homelessness, and the people that have some money to invest can’t because the prices are too high.

Finally, ferry terminal retail afloat

It is wonderful to see progress after so many delays.

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