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HVCC, still stymieing deals, may be sunsetted
Distance is not the problem. A bad appraiser can do it bad from 10 feet away or 120 miles away. A good appraiser (and most of the good ones cover big areas) can learn a market by doing research. What a concept. (By the way: real estate agents — two things: don’t put false information in MLS, and, please return appraisers’ phone calls so they can learn some things from you.)

2009’s annus horribilis: Looking back on the highlights — or is it lowlights? — of the year
Let’s not forget Laurence Gluck’s Riverton Houses debacle. Just because it’s in Harlem, [doesn’t mean it’s not] still a significant real estate blunder.

NYC property manager charged in fraud
These types of actions seem to be the norm. Has everyone in the real estate and financial services sectors become crooked?

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Park Avenue princess now top broker on Park
It just [goes] to show that a lot of success in real estate is based on who you know and not in technical competencies or skill.

‘Top Model’ finalist wins free 240 Central Park South rental
He couldn’t give her a full year? Studio? Sounds like more of a problem than a prize.

Trump Parc, Connecticut’s second tallest building, opens
Some posters on this board apparently have an agenda. I just walked by the building and it is a beautiful piece of architecture. Unlike other Trump buildings, this one looks ultra modern and understated. According to the sales office there has been a rush to buy in the last month thanks to their new lowered pricing and financing program. Anyone who wants this building to fail wants Stamford to fail. I guess miserable people wish misery upon everyone else.

Ferrari says Benjamin James to stay in business, try new model

1. If he can rebuild the firm from where it is now, turn a profit and then give 75 percent of the profits to charity, then everyone on this board has to give this man credit and a standing ovation.
2. Great Politics. Bad Business.
3. Seventy-five percent of zero is zero.