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Bidding wars now run-of-the-mill
B.S. from brokers!

Palm Beach brokerage opening in Manhattan
Keep your sandals in Palm Beach. You need steel toes here in Manhattan.

Lehman sues Tessler at former Toy Building
Lehman is suing? You’ve got to be kidding.

Cushman loses $32M in 2009: parent firm
This actually looks worse than when [Bruce] Mosler was at the helm. They need to bring him back.

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Fitting 24 rooms into 344 square feet
You need [to] tell me what happens if [a] guest must use the bathroom in the middle of the night. [You’ve got to] put up your bed first?

Brooklyn sees 105 FHA-approved condos
I’d rather buy in a non-FHA approved building where I can leverage my 20 percent down payment for a better price. Besides, a buyer who puts down 3.5 percent is more likely to walk away from the mortgage which could hurt the building.

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