Tenants riled over Hotel Toshi renovations

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Residents at 325 East 10th Street between avenues A and B are riled over ongoing renovations in part of their building, according to EV Grieve, which they say left their homes in horrendous conditions. The renovations, intended to turn the front of the building into a Hotel Toshi, a chain hotelier providing short-term apartment rentals, left residents without heat until Dec. 15 last year, sources claim, while alleged landlord neglect led to leaky ceilings and vermin in the apartment building’s hallways. Making matters worse, residents claim that they are still living without cooking gas. Although the landlord, who was not immediately reachable, has offered a $150 deduction off at least one tenant’s monthly rent, that resident said the discount didn’t kick in until last month. This isn’t the first time a Hotel Toshi renovation has led to conflict from renters — last year, a group of Nolita renters rebelled against a similar renovation. [EV Grieve]