Tappan Zee Bridge construction gets federal financing, Brookfield proves hospitable landlord for Occupy Wall Street … and more

Tappan Zee Bridge

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1. Tappan Zee Bridge renovation is one of 14 construction projects Obama chooses to finance

2. U.S. mortgage lending will fall 25 percent in 2012, according to the MBA

3. Glenfiddich distiller moves slightly north, taking 20,000 square feet at 300 Park Avenue South
[Post, 4th item]

4. Occupy Wall Street can thank reasonable landlord Brookfield for Zuccotti Park hospitality

5. Tompkins Square Park gets free Wi-Fi service

6. Artist draws WTC site from perch high up in 7 WTC

7. Real estate mogul Leonard Stern to unveil Statue of Liberty on Madison Ave based on original mold

8. Puppies Behind Bars, which has ex-prisoners train service dogs, takes 5,000 square feet at 263 West 38th Street
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9. Southampton resident arrested for allegedly bashing landlord in wheelchair with camera

10. New York Cares takes 18,000 square feet at 65 Broadway [Post, 3rd item]

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