Michael Kors investors are One57 buyers

Despite unprecedented interest in the building’s pricing and sales figures, the actual identity of buyers into Extell Development’s One57 condominium have been kept close at bay. But the New York Times confirmed the identity of two billionaire buyers of $50 million One57 apartments — bringing the number of known buyers in the development to three.

Confirming a New York Post report over the weekend, the Times said Lawrence Stroll and Silas Chou, the Canadian and Hong Kong businessmen who took fashion label Michael Kors public last year, purchased the 85th and 82nd floor, respectively, in the building. Stroll paid just under $50 million for his 6,200-square-foot unit around the time of the IPO, and Chou paid slightly more for his similarly sized home shortly thereafter. The Times said the only other buyer to be revealed thus far is Richard Kringstein, who is the co-owner of outerwear brand Herman Kay Company and bought a three-bedroom spread.

Stroll is estimated to be worth $1.8 billion and Chou, who is also the son of a Hong Kong billionaire, is believed to be worth $2 billion, according to Forbes. [NYT] and [Post]Adam Fusfeld