Western-style McMansions invade China, former Brooklyn landfill becomes bustling residential community … and more

Chinese McMansion
Chinese McMansion

1. Western-style McMansions invade China [Daily Mail]
2. Former East New York landfill becomes bustling residential community [Crain’s]
3. Poker pro Vadim Trinche sues Trump Tower for $6 million over mildew damage to apartment once owned by Bruce Willis and Demi Moore [NYDN]
4. L.I. maid sues  prominent real-estate developer and Republican fund-raiser Lawrence Kadish and his wife for discrimination; she alleges that she was routinely called a“Polish idiot” [NYP]
5. Comedian John Leguizamo joins in fight against NYU expansion [NY1]
6.  Increasingly sophisticated real estate apps arm home buyers with data [LAT]
7. A slideshow architectural tour of Brooklyn’s Prospect-Lefferts Gardens neighborhood [NYT]
8. British prime minister David Cameron sacks mansion tax, promises nother round of welfare cuts [Guardian]
9. Amazon.com drops $1.2 billion on Seattle headquarters [WSJ]
10. Saudi Arabia’s $130 billion stimulus package gives real estate developers cause for optimism [CNBC]
11. British government plan to remove peat from gardening products bogged down in controversy [NYT]