Squatting sister-in-law hindering sale of UES condo: suit

Regina Scully
Regina Scully

Wealthy philanthropist Regina Scully has found a buyer for her condominium on East 88th Street asking $3 million. The alleged problem: Her estranged sister-in-law has been squatting there and refuses to leave, according to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan.

Scully, who mainly resides in San Francisco, is suing to force the court to remove her brother’s wife, Shannon Kulik. Kulik is in the process of divorcing Scully’s brother, Alfred Kulik.

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In the suit, Scully said she permitted the couple to live in her home in 2010 while they “needed some time to build up their businesses,” the New York Post reported. She expressed concerns that her sister-in-law will “sell, abscond with or deface” $600,000 of paintings and prints she let the Kuliks borrow in 2007.

Shannon Kulik did not immediately respond to the Post’s requests for comment. [NYP]Mark Maurer