Is “Selling New York” at the end of its run?

Reality series wrapping up latest season in October, but no new episodes have been filmed

From left: Michele Kleier, "Selling New York" logo and CORE's Shaun Osher
From left: Michele Kleier, "Selling New York" logo and CORE's Shaun Osher

“Selling New York,” the HGTV reality show that began in 2010 and primarily starred agents from CORE, Warburg Realty and Kleier Residential, may not be coming back for another season.

When asked about the fate of the series, a spokesperson for HGTV acknowledged that “the show is no longer in production at this time.” As of the moment, the rep noted, the series is “only confirmed to air through October.”

A piece written on the Portobello Design blog, which has been linked on CORE’s website, seemed to indicate the end of the series: “HGTV’s Selling New York, which has since been canceled.” Neither CORE nor Portobello could confirm any information about the show’s running schedule, however, nor if the series had been cancelled.

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Several stars of the series stated that the show has not been officially shut down.

“We are still under contract although no new episodes are currently filming,” Michele Kleier, president of the eponymous boutique firm, told TRD.

Another agent featured on the show, Deborah Luppard of Warburg Realty, also said that it is unclear whether the series has been renewed for next season. “No one has heard if the show has been officially canceled, and while I haven’t personally asked HGTV directly, they have issued no statement either way. For those of us who have appeared on the show, we keep thinking there may be a possibility of another season, even though we have not filmed in quite a while.”

“It has been a fabulous ride,” Kleier said of the show’s five-year run. “The fans are unbelievable, and some clients have even asked us to do special appearances.”