Where should Ted Cruz set up his NYC HQ?

Cruz is the only major candidate without NYC offices

Times Square and Ted Cruz
Times Square and Ted Cruz

Hillary Clinton is in Brooklyn Heights. Bernie Sanders has a headquarters in Gowanus. Donald Trump couldn’t be anywhere but in Trump Tower in Midtown. But Ted Cruz, famous for slamming “New York values,” is nowhere to be found.

The question, posed by Curbed, is: what part of NYC has Ted Cruz values – and available office space?

Curbed commenters offer a few obvious suggestions:

“If Ted Cruz wants to stay on the safe side and not be kicked out of another borough, then he should definitely go to Staten Island, which is the closest to the working class conservative demographic he can get in NYC.

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But if Ted Cruz really wants to be ballsy then Williamsburg all the way! It would be so anti-anti-conformist of him to go the ‘hipster capital of the world’ while he’s the least hippest dude. So it kinda works, in that strange non-hip hip way,” Ariel Viera writes.

However, Brapbrap contends that even Staten Island wouldn’t be a good fit for Cruz: “Staten Island is more Trump and less crazy evangelical. I think Trump supporters probably hate Cruz more than any other candidate at the moment. There’s Really No Place in downstate NY that he fits in, all the evangelicals here are minorities voting democrat.”

Views4Days suggest that Cruz “should set up shop in Far Rockaway.”

But perhaps there is somewhere Cruz would fit in, and right in the center of the city, too. May we suggest Times Square. It’s the only place in NYC you can find soapbox preachers and an army of tourists from the heartland at any time of day. [Curbed]Christopher Cameron