A look back at NYC in 1993, in high definition: VIDEO

A screenshot from the 1993 HD footage
A screenshot from the 1993 HD footage

Everybody loves retro footage of New York. But all too often, the quality and production values suck. Luckily, a demo shot for the Japanese HD market back in 1993 has reemerged – and it is a total time machine.

According to the Youtube uploader, “Youtube Pedant,” the footage was discovered in 2002, when D-Theater D-VHS was launched in the U.S. and needed a demo tape to show off its high definition products. JVC just reused some HD video that had been shot back in 1993.

So what does it show? Everything: amazing skyline views, the Twin Towers, Wall Street just a few years after the film “Wall Street” dropped and some pretty great slow motion street scenes.

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According to Youtube Pendant, you can tell it’s 1993 by the adverts in Times Square – practically by the Radio 501 CD that’s advertised on a billboard. It came out in 1993. Also, “Paper Moon” is playing at the Marquis Theater.

Check out the video below: