From Castle Black to Dragonstone, listing the properties from “Game of Thrones”

Engel & Völkers broker Christoph Freiherr Schenck zu Schweinsberg has attempted to price some of the show's storied homes

Water Gardens from "Game of Thrones"
Water Gardens from "Game of Thrones"

With so many unique properties in NYC, finding sales comps is often a challenge. But imagine if the realms from “Game of Thrones” were to suddenly hit the market? How much would the castles and dungeons of Westeros list for? One brave broker has dared to ask.

Christoph Freiherr Schenck zu Schweinsberg, a leading expert on castles for Engel & Völkers, has given us a pretty good idea what it would cost to live in Castle Black or Dragonstone.

Castle Black


Seller: Jon Snow
Size: 5,000 square meters
Age: 8,000 years

“The property’s remote location accounts for its particular appeal. The auxiliary buildings can be used in a number of different ways. With a small amount of renovation the entire compound can be modernized to meet current technological standards. Live-in professional security personnel increases the value of the property,” Schweinsberg writes.

So what’s it worth? Schweinsberg is estimating $2.74 million.



Seller: House Bolton
Size: 7,500 square meters
Age: 8,000 years

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“Winterfell is unquestionably one of the most impressive edifices of the north. One outstanding feature certainly is the warm water heating, which in the winter months allows for considerable savings in wood consumption. Yet, the castle’s current poor condition leads to a clear depreciation of its value.”

So what would it ask? Estimated price: $1.35 million.



Seller: Stannis Baratheon
Size: 3,500 square meters
Age: 500 years

“Two aspects add value to this property: the unique and consistent waterfront location on a volcanic island, as well as its delicate embellishment with cerberuses and dragons that virtually turn the estate into a work of art.”
It would ask $10.72 million.

And finally, Water Gardens


Seller: Family Martell
Size: 3,800 square meters
Age:150 years

“The Water Gardens of Dorne are the crème de la crème among Westeros’ real estate. Despite the hot weather in the area an ingenious irrigation system creates an agreeable climate within the palace walls. So far the estate has been spared from the turmoils of war. Its value is greatly appreciated by the magnificent garden with its abundant vegetation.” Schweinsberg is estimating $38.4 million.

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