“Million Dollar Listing New York” finale: Closing time

Recap of Season 5, Episode 12

From left: Luis Ortiz, Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund
From left: Luis Ortiz, Ryan Serhant and Fredrik Eklund

Despite being buoyed by their business, the men of “Million Dollar Listing New York” are floating in a sea of uncertainty during this season’s final episode. Luis grapples with the root of his unhappiness, while Fredrik uses real estate to mask the pain of his and Derek’s pregnancy situation. Meanwhile, Ryan tries to avenge himself at a project he was fired from earlier this season.

Let’s check in with our heroes, one last time:


Though Luis hasn’t felt quite like himself lately, it’s business as usual when he makes a call to David von Spreckelsen, the president of Toll Brothers City Living. He wants to get in on the developer’s 400 Park Avenue South, a 40-story residential tower that’s part rental, part condo. There’s a minor issue preventing Luis from getting a listing at the building — Toll Brothers has its own in-house leasing team, and rarely employees the help of outside brokers. It appears that von Spreckelsen admires Luis’ shtick, and the fact he can barely pronounce Christian de Portzamparc’s name. He won’t make him an “ambassador” of the building like Luis pitched, but does spare him a $5.8 million listing as a test drive for the remaining 20 condos.

This coup isn’t enough to erode the sadness Luis has been feeling these past few months — but it does help him discover what’s been eating at his inner happiness. He schedules a meeting with Ronita, who’s bared the brunt of his “extreme highs and extreme lows” all season. There, he confides in her that he wants to leave the business, to start over in search of something different. “I think courage is the ability to leave something or to let go of something that makes you comfortable, for something completely new,” he waxes poetic. Ronita is understandably pissed at first, and thinks that he’s blaming his “downness” on real estate. It looks like seven years of brokering are about to be tossed out the window….

…or are they? Luis brings von Spreckelsen a $5.7 million offer for the unit at 400 Park South Avenue. After some unnecessary begging from Luis, he willingly accepts the price, and invites Luis to talk about more listings at more buildings. You can practically see all of that commission flying before Luis’ confused eyes, and for a moment we think he may reconsider quitting the business. Ultimately, he politely declines von Spreckelsen’s offer, but does promise to connect him with Ronita, who will hopefully 1) take over Luis’ empire and 2) become the show’s newest castmate.

“It’s time, it’s time for me to go, it’s time for me to move on.” Hasta la vista, Luis.


In London, Fredrik’s feeling the pressure of selling 25 percent of One Seaport while dealing with the aftermath of his and Derek’s surrogate experiencing another failed pregnancy. While visiting Derek’s son Kai, Fredrik is noticeably distant. When Derek calls him out on his actions, Fredrik breaks down; “It just reminds me that we’re not pregnant, we might never be pregnant.” But Fredrik forgets that he already has family, maybe just not in the way that he wanted, or expected. Derek reminds him that Kai is his son, too, and he should focus on what he has in the present, and not what he’s lost in the past. “All this time, all the years, I’ve been pushing it away–Kai this, Kai that–because I couldn’t have my own,” Fredrik says. “But he is, he is my son. I’m a father.”

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Sort of newly-minted father Fredrik sets his sights back on One Seaport, where he’s sold 16 out of 81 units while abroad. The developer, Jonathan Landau, who’s made a visit to check in on Fredrik, is unimpressed that he’s yet to sell the penthouse, and even suggests bring ing on Douglas Elliman’s Tal and Oren Alexander to help with the heavy lifting. “They’re actually really good brokers so if they get up there, get in there, what if they sell?” Fredrik says. “I could lose the commission.” Ultimately, Jonathan grants Fredrik his launch party in New York — his “happy kick and high dance” are safe for now.

Nearly 600 guests show up to the launch party at One Seaport. “It’s not an open house, this is an event, it’s like the Oscars and you gotta wear Tom Ford — yes honey!” Fredrik says. There’s one guest Fredrik didn’t anticipate, however. His Serhantness shows up, uninvited, and for a moment, we think a Bravoesque-style cat fight is about to go down. The two argue about petty stuff, like Ryan buying social media followers, and who really is the top agent in New York City. What they can agree on though, is that they’ve both grown in the past year (they’re both tall men, you know) and that they’re very different people from when Ryan threatened to reveal Fredrik’s gay porn past. The two appear to Be On The Road to recovery, or, at least, Fredrik’s on the road to Connecticut, where he and Derek purchased a “mini-mansion,” complete with a child’s playroom and all.

“I’ve been dreaming about this for so long, I’m not going to give up now.” Dream away, Fredrik.


It’s been a long season for Ryan — he’s been hired, then fired, only to be hired again. One listing he can’t seem to Get Over Is 152 Spring Street, the project he was axed from after he and Luis couldn’t find a buyer for another unit the developer was selling at the Metropolitan Tower. “Every Morning I Wake Up And Think About Spring Street,” Ryan says. Mmk.

To get back The One That Got Away, Ryan schedules a meeting with Soly, the developer who cut him off at Spring Street. Soly initially dangles the building in front of him, telling him to “bring on the buyer” — but he ultimately agrees to give the three units back to Ryan, on the condition that he sells them in 30 days. “I need this — I need this for my soul.” Soul? What soul?

During the open house, Ryan receives a surprise visitor. “What the f— are you doing here?” he greets Luis, who, as it turns out, is only there to tell Ryan he did “an amazing job” on the event. A stroke of the ego is all it takes to really impress Ryan, who proceeds to invite Luis to his wedding in Greece. Despite the slapdash gesture, it seems like a good place to end Luis’ farewell tour.

The open house produces another surprise for Ryan. Jeff, a “quirky” film producer, is interested in buying the penthouse. But like all dwellings in New York City, it’s just too small. Rather than search for a larger penthouse, however, Ryan convinces to Jeff to consider the two bottom units, which would house his help staff and office. Soly accepts a $17.5 million offer for the entire development, and POOF! Just like that, Ryan avenges being fired from yet another project. “This is how you get to the top of your business — you get fired, you fight, you prove to that person that you made a mistake,” Ryan said.

How does he celebrate? With an Aston Martin and a new wedding special on Bravo. Duh.