Rich teens of NYC dish on their favorite building amenities

The cast of Gossip Girl (credit: CW)
The cast of Gossip Girl (credit: CW)

Teenagers in New York City have pretty much every privilege in the world, but according to a new article by CityRealty, they still feel gypped because they aren’t living in buildings that were specifically designed for them (#rude). Here’s what they say they are looking for the most in a building.

1) They want to go on the roof. Says one Upper East Sider:

“In my building, you can’t go up to the rooftop alone until you’re 14. It’s not fair because it’s not like my friends and I are going to fall off!”

2) Like everyone else in the world, they want the penthouse view. Another UES teen says she would tell her co-op board:

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“to get rid of some of the trees and build a penthouse-level space but just for teens.”

3) Of course, these being NYC kids, they are super ambitious and feel their creativity is stifled by the lack of space in their tiny apartments. Says one poor DUMBO teen:

“In New York, even in Brooklyn, not very many people have a garage or a basement, so it is basically impossible to start a band or do anything noisy, and it’s not like my friends and I can rent studio space. This city is already killing my future music career!”

4) Other amenities they say they’d like are nail salons, bowling alleys and 3D printers. What they aren’t sold on? Doormen. Says an Upper East Side teens:

“I guess it’s fine, but I don’t know—when I’m older do I want these guys writing down when I’m coming and going? I mean they know everything, and that is kind of creepy.” ][CityRealty]