Architect designs stunning wind turbine temple for Shaolin monks

It's designed to make the monks fly

The Shaolin Flying Monks Temple by Mailītis Architects

Another day, another wind turbine temple built for flying monks. After all, you have to master the wind to practice Kung fu — or probably something like that.

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Austris Mailitis, a Latvian architect, just built the new Shaolin Flying Monks Temple in Henan, China. It features colossal turbines that will hopefully turn “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” fantasies into reality.

“The concept is partially based on the phenomenon of levitation explored by the Shaolin monks for centuries. Now they will all have an opportunity to try levitating,” Mailitis told Inhabitat. “The idea is focused on growth, a spiritual and physical chance of making the next step towards solving the mystery of levitation.”

I guess you could say every Shaolin monk will be Kung fu fly-ting. [Inhabitat] —Mary Elizabeth Andriotis