Attention, contractors! Use TRData to track new and delayed projects

If you’re a contractor trying to stay in-the-know on new or delayed projects in the five boroughs, your options are limited. Keeping track of the Department of Buildings and Attorney General’s websites for new or revised filings and viewing them one at a time can be time consuming and fruitless, especially if you aren’t well-versed in the way those sites are updated. TRData, The Real Deal‘s evolving New York City real estate database, is the only place on the Internet to view all newly filed projects and their construction status in one place.

Finding new construction projects on TRData is super simple and yields thousands of results. Filtering these results down to a specific neighborhood or type of property is the key to getting the information you’re looking for.

The first step is go to the Properties tab of TRData’s Advanced Search. Simply checking “New construction” under Filter by Type and clicking the “Filter” button will display 3,176 projects that are in some phase of the new development process throughout the five boroughs.

Scrolling through these results, you’re able to view the address and neighborhood where the project is being developed, the size of the building including square feet and number of units, and even the construction status that TRData has determined based on the date of the last permit or filing for the project.

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If you’d like to specifically see properties that are seemingly behind schedule, use the Advanced Search’s Filter by Date field. Choose “Filed DOB” from the drop down and select the date range “01/01/2015” to “12/31/2015” and click “Filter.”

This list displays 806 new construction properties that filed with the Department of Buildings some time in 2015. These properties have statuses ranging from “Job Filed” to “Building Complete.” Any property that filed with the Department of Buildings in 2015 but has not received their permits should be considered behind schedule or delayed.

806 new construction projects filed with the DOB in 2015

Alternatively, if you wanted to find properties that were just filed, your method would be very similar. In the Filter by Date field, still select “Filed DOB” from drop down but select “01/01/2017” to “06/22/17” as the date range. This will display the 149 properties that have been filed with the Department of Buildings so far this year.

149 new construction projects filed with the DOB in 2017