Is Aby Rosen the last true celebrity developer in town?

With Donald Trump in the White House, is the flamboyant RFR co-founder the last true celebrity developer in town?

From the July issue: Would Aby Rosen agree to an interview? Yes, his publicist said on a recent Thursday. Then came the catch: He was traveling and might be hard to pin down. The publicist wouldn’t say where he was, but in Rosen’s case there’s an app for that.

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The following Monday, the developer posted a selfie to his Instagram account, which has just short of 16,000 followers. It showed him tanned and unshaven, wearing sunglasses and a Panama hat, with the Sardinian coastline in the background. “Monday in Heaven” read the caption.

Rosen, co-founder of the high-profile New York property firm RFR Realty, is no stranger to grand vacations. The 57-year-old real estate mogul has also never been one to shy away from a good public fight. He famously called Tom Wolfe an anti-Semite in 2008 after Wolfe mocked Rosen’s physique during a heated construction dispute. Several years later, he forklifted a massive bronze statue of the Virgin Mary — with the inside of her pregnant belly exposed — onto the lawn of his Long Island estate over outcries from his neighbors.