Attorneys, TRData knows your competitors’ clients

9 West 57th Street
9 West 57th Street

Cultivating new business as a New York City real estate attorney is less straightforward than it may appear. With hundreds of law firms and thousands of attorneys competing to represent the buyers, sellers and lenders of real estate transactions throughout the five boroughs, it can be difficult to get a good sense of who is working together. The only way to definitively know who a law firm is representing is to sift through endless ACRIS documents in pursuit of those connections.

TRData has analyzed over 60,000 New York City real estate transactions to determine the relationship between law firms and the lenders they represent. We’ve chosen the firms that appear most often in mortgage transactions between May 2016 and April 2017 and selected their most expensive loans.

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This mortgage data allows us to create powerful dossiers, listing every lender a competing firm has represented in the last year along with the recorded date of each mortgage, the amount of that loan, and the address of the mortgaged property. Alternatively, we can supply every law firm each lender has worked with and the details of their transaction.

Click below to download a free sample of 25 mortgage transactions from JPMorgan Chase. In total, there are 50 transactions in our database from JPMorgan Chase, represented by 19 law firms, ranging from a $1.2 billion loan at 9 West 57th Street to a $500,000 mortgage at 8 Union Square South.

Click here to learn pricing and download a free sample. Contact Derek Smith at or (646) 503-3561 with any questions.

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